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Whatever happened to Samsung’s Luxia brand?

imageOne of the most brash moves at CES 2009 came from Samsung, which not only asserted its consumer electronics ascent by launching one of its first sub-brands outside of mobile phones, but by designating it for a high-end luxury product in the midst of one of the worst economic downturns in memory. While many TV manufacturers distinguish between their main brand (Sharp, Toshiba) and luxury brands (Aquos, Regza), Luxia was clearly aimed at answering Sony’s XBR series to designate the top of the line. The main technological differentiator of Luxia was LED backlighting, which facilitated its slim profile, wide color gamut, and associated slim mounts.

Curiously, though, while Samsung has seen great success with its LED televisions, and has done extensive advertising around “LED TV” (including TV spots), the Luxia name has been largely missing in action. Even on Samsung’s own LED TV site, there is no way to search for Luxia televisions or clue as to the existence of a Luxia designation. I’m sure Samsung is pretty nappy to be dominating the LED-backlit landscape. A $4,500 television by any other name is still mighty profitable. But the difference between Samsung’s marketing of “LED TV” and “Luxia” provides very high contrast indeed.