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Try that, e-paper

Over at meeblog, the reverse chronological organ of the exceptional Web-based IM app meebo, Seth confesses to a few bloopers during a recent series of meetups in Boston and Toronto that in part demonstrate some limits of technology. In Toronto, he used Google Maps to find a Starbucks for the gathering, only to discover later that it was one of those mini-Starbucks inside an office building that had already closed for the day. However, one of the attendees had a piece of good ol’ fashioned analog paper, that he marked with a writing implement to inform attendees of the new venue. It will be a long time before e-paper becomes so disposable.

On Windows Mobile, Google Maps has the ability to link to venue phone numbers that you can call with a button press. Had Seth taken advantage of it, he could have confirmed the suitability of the locale.