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DVRs, DMAs and DMRs, meet DTAs

Thomson Consumer Electronics today announced the RCA DTA800, a digital television adapter to prolong the life of analog TV sets that haven’t succumbed to set-top boxes from satellite, cable or IPTV providers. As you can see, it will look great in your living room if you keep it on a mirror-shined green floor.

Speaking of green, Thomson claims that this bringer of broadcasts is energy-efficient. And further speaking of green, Thomson notes that the device should qualify for the two $40 coupons that the federal government will provide to ease the digital transition. Since my main TVs are obediently tethered to TimeWarner Cable awaiting the great Verizon liberation (wait, that just doesn’t sound right), I haven’t had much exposure with over-the-air digital television, but I tried out a PC adapter recently and was delighted with the quality of unprecedented reception in the heart (OK, perhaps an aorta) of New York City. I’ll take two; here’s my gift card from Uncle Sam.