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Through space and time with slotMusic

IMG_2824When 5″ CDs first came on the market, they were considered small compared to their 12″ vinyl forebears. Now, to make slotMusic albums fit in nicely among their optical companions, SanDisk has put the microSD card inside the space required for a standard jewel box.

The result is, as you can see by the accompanying photo of the of the Robin Thicke slotMusic album Something Else, a wee bit of excess space — enough to fit the bundled USB reader, a little carrying case with postage-sized album art, and anti-theft devices all generously enveloped by a whole lot of plastic nothing.

TAMARA HEY: Miserably HappyAnd yet, I found myself in a usage scenario for the fledgling format just this week. On Tuesday, I attended a CD launch concert for my friend Tamara Hey’s new album Miserably Happy. It was a great show and I bought the CD there but, because I was preparing for a trip the next day, didn’t have time to get to a PC, rip it, and transfer it to an MP3 player. As a result, I didn’t get to listen to the album until today.

Alas, though, it looks like I would have been out of luck if I planned to listen to it on a PSP. I tried the slotMusic album with a small Memory Stick Duo adapter branded Kingston from a shop in Hong Kong but the PSP just seems to get stuck reading it. I plan to try it with a Sony Ericsson cell phone as well to see if it fares any better.