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Intel Mac users get a Pulse as the PowerPC air supply thins

I’ve taken a keen interest in the digital pen space this year, writing columns and posts about the LiveScribe Pulse, IOGear Mobile Digital Scribe and Dane-Elec ZPen. LiveScribe recently announced that it will be bringing the Pulse to the Mac, which should be a good fit for a product category that has natural appeal to students. Indeed, while LiveScribe CEO Jim Maggraff has told me that they exceeded their sales targets for this year, he estimates that the company could have doubled its volumes if had been on a Mac from the start.

Consistent with other Mac applications, LiveScribe Desktop will be able to generate PDFs from within the application, but the application will work only with the Intel version of Leopard; it won’t be a universal binary. I’m sure this is simply an early example of what will soon become a growing library of applications that leave the PowerPC behind. LiveScribe is also following through on its promise to let consumers print their own dot paper at home, but you’ll need your own color laser printer.

I’ve used the LiveScribe Pulse a few times this year at lengthy meetings and have found it particularly useful in situations where I haven’t had a nearby outlet to support a full day of notebook note-taking. It’s also more convenient for entering diagrams than PCs, at least non-Tablet PCs. It would be more convenient, though, if there were a way to combine typed text with input from the LiveScribe within the Desktop application. LiveScribe says to stay tuned.