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T-Mobile G1 and the case of the awkward handset design

imageWhen I first saw the T-Mobile G1, one of my first reactions  mirrored a thought I had when I saw the original Sidekick; it was that it was going to be difficult to design a play-through case for the device. Sure enough, most of the cases at  designed for T-Mobile‚Äôs champion smartphone are of the pouch or flip variety, but there is at least one play-through option: the pictured aluminum option that the site has on sale for $25.

You have to admire the lengths the designers went to to accommodate the awkward shape of the phone, but it seems that using G1 with this additional metal faceplate dangling off would just add to its already somewhat cumbersome experience.

And speaking of the Sidekick, now that the Sidekick LX 2009 edition has been announced, I wonder if T-Mobile purposely wanted the G1 to look less like the average  horizontal side-slider so as to further differentiate it from the now Microsoft-powered QWERTY device..