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Brainless backup captures more mindshare

Nope, that’s not a Wi-Fi access point you’re looking at. It’s the Seagate Replica, a new backup storage appliance from the hard drive giant. Replica uses a combination of hardware and software – the slick Rebit that was one of the standout software products I saw at CES – to create a continuous backup experience on Windows that comes closest to Time Machine for the Mac (minus the extensive “space warp” eye candy).

Replica is also Seagate’s answer to a variety of brainless backup products offered under the Clickfree brand by Storage Appliance Corporation, including a number of hard drives and a cable that can convert any external hard drive into a ClickFree hard drive. The company recently raised a $10 million round of Series B funding and I touched on it in in a two-part Tech on Deck column I wrote last summer. These are good options to have in the market for the nontechnical user, or might also be one of those products that geeks give non-geeks, alongside MSNTV, the Ceiva digital picture frame, and the Presto printer.