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Steve Jobs, prophetic podcaster?

image Steve Jobs’ podcasting run was brief but memorable; Apple’s CEO took to the microphone to demonstrate the podcasting studio features in GarageBand during his Macworld Expo keynote in January 2006. He elicited laughs from the audience by creating a podcast called “Super Secret Apple Rumors” in which he reported, “The next iPod will be huge – an eight-pounder with a 10” screen.” The mock rumor was illustrated by a spoof of Apple’s silhouette iPod ads featuring someone holding a briefcase-sized iPod classic under his arm.

And yet, just a few years later, rumors are indeed circulating that Apple may be working on a media tablet and that the company has ordered a large quantity of 10” touchscreen panels from Wintek. Even Apple’s largest MacBook doesn’t weigh eight pounds (in fact, Apple promotes the 17” MacBook Pro as the thinnest and lightest 17” notebook), but it would be a sublime prank on the rumormongers if Apple foretold of a 10” iPod years in advance right before their eyes.