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Snow Leopard teaches an old dock new tricks

Last updated on July 23, 2020

Exposé has been one of my favorite Mac OS features since its debut. After spending some time with the Snow Leopard team yesterday, I’m excited about the improvements Apple is making to it in Snow Leopard. Among them, window previews are now arranged in a grid, making them easier to track down, and you can even sort windows alphabetically as well as by app within Exposé. You can also zoom in on windows in Exposé Quick Look-style.

But the biggest change marries Exposé to the Dock to produce Dock Exposé, Apple’s answer to Microsoft’s Aero Peek feature in Windows 7, Dock Exposé. has a number of advantages versus Aero Peek such as using the entire screen for window preview.

However, one important feature where Aero Peek beats Dock Exposé is being able to show previews of multiple tabs in a Web browser. This is a serious omission since my browsers tend to accumulate a lot of tabs spread across multiple windows. It’s a mess and something like Exposé could really help with it. And so, browser tab support in Dock Exposé moves high on Ross’s Quite Reasonable List of Windows Features Apple Could Implement Without Compromising Usability.