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I spent most of Sunday troubleshooting and replacing an ATI Radeon 9800. (I know, not very 1337, this is an older PC.) My nearly superhuman intuition regarding computers was invoked as a burning smell emanated from the PC. Of course, I was glad to see it was the video card and not the motherboard. I touched the non-functional fan and it fell off the card — not a good sign. I downgraded to a 9250 from VisionTek with a nice, stationary heat sink. Hopefully this should last me until I’m ready to upgrade my rig.

I’ve long had both Macs and PCs at home, but after using a Dell as my primary desktop since about 1998 (moving from a Power Computing PowerWave), I’m seriously considering moving back to the Mac, although probably not until next year. I’m not yet sure whether I would want to run Windows in dual-boot mode or virtualized.