emoze woes

I’ve seen a couple of products in the past couple of years that let you sync your non-Blackberry to a Microsoft Exchange server that didn’t yet support ActiveSync, but they required client software with a local connection to the server. The paradox is that mobile users tend to have laptop, so these users don’t have a PC sitting connected to the server all day, and hanging on a VPN all day also isn’t generally considered a best practice.

At CTIA, I was excited to hear that Israeli company emoze, which is delivering free push e-mail, had implemented screen-scraping as RIM did for Outlook Web Access users. At first the product worked great, but then it stopped receiving updates. I’ve reinstalled it several times and then spoke with their tech folks today, who say there is a known issue with the T-Mobile Dash that causes emoze to disconnect from the server. The recommended fix is to leave the backlight on. I reinstalled emoze again and it again grabbed a bunch of email but it’s still not in sync, now dropping out around March 27th.

3 Responses to emoze woes

  1. Oren T says:

    Dear Mr. Rubin

    As you mentioned, there is a known issue with the Dash device which is being adjusted with the release of our next build. The solution you were given is temporary. We’ll gladly inform you once the update is uploaded on our site.

  2. Ross Rubin says:


    Thanks for the comment. I understand that the Dash issue is being addressed and appreciate your working with me on it, but the workaround of leaving the backlight on hasn’t solved the problem. I look forward to hearing when a fixed build is available.

  3. Geoff Winkless says:

    I’m not sure it’s a problem with the dash. In the last week or two I’ve had repeated disconnection problems with the emoze sites which I never had before; I wonder if there’s something wrong with their servers.