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Out of the Box turns five years old

Last updated on April 22, 2014

Let’s all wish a slightly belated birthday to Out of the Box, which had its first post on March 17, 2006 about a simple Sony radio simply dubbed “the radio.” Indeed, even today, with all the excitement around Internet radio services such as Pandora and Slacker on the PC, televisions, and smartphones, FM continues to rule the roost in vehicles. While Sirius XM may now be half the number of companies they once were, that had little to do with competition from Internet radio in the car although the forces of IP are mounting there.

In any case, I won’t go through all the stats on this anniversary. There have been hundreds of posts, and I’ve blogged every month, if sometimes just barely, particularly in the era of microblogging. The record month was March 2008, when I blogged 35 posts, in part to see if I could blog more than an average of once per day for such a period. If you’re ever feeling deprived, feel free to check out my columns Switched On, Tech on Deck, Volume Up and Reserve Power, read me on the NPD Group blog, or catch the odd post on Out of the Box’s even less frequently updated companion blog . And thanks to all my readers.