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Nook for Windows 8: The PC is not an e-reader

As it comes to market with new Android-based tablets boasting impressive pixel density (but not as impressive as other devices), Barnes & Noble has teamed with its joint venture partner Microsoft to roll out Nook for Windows 8. Other than the relatively early adoption of a new platform, there’s not much remarkable about the announcement of support per se. However, it doesn’t indicate an intermediate step toward a Windows-based Nook.  You can use Nook for Windows 8 or Windows RT from any manufacturer that has jumped in, including the Surface, However, Barnes & Noble has invested a lot in the Android platform (coincidentally, its New York office is surrounded by floors occupied by Google). And now that Microsoft has called off the legal dogs, it sees little incentive to change. That said, the larger average sizes of Windows tablets should make for a stronger magazine reading experience for those willing to carry that weight.