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Droid DNA first impressions

Last updated on July 23, 2020

HTC and Verizon made a credible claim of recaptuing the high-end of Android smartphones  today with the announcement of the Droid DNA, which  revitalizes the testosterone-engorged subbrand with a best-in-class resolution 5″ display. Along with the Lumia 920 at AT&T, the DNA harkens back to the golden era of carrier smartphone exclusives before Apple and Samsung went cross-carrier with their flagships.

Design elements such as he perforated edges were magnified many times in the press conference presentations but are barely perceptible when looking at the device. However, along with the the “spillover” effect on the device’s edge, it makes for a distinctive, gradually revealing design.

Other standout elements include relative comfort for such a large handset, wireless charging, and a widescreen front-facing camera. As impressive as the display was, though, particularly on video, the Internet icon on the home screen looked blotchy. Perhaps it is being scaled poorly to the new ultra-high resolution. The side volume buttons were also nearly flush with the device’s edge, an aesthetic advantage outweighed by an ergonomic disadvantage.