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Mojo for no dough

Last updated on July 23, 2020

Last year one of the more interesting companies to come out of DEMO was RingCube Technologies and its product MojoPac, which creates a virtual user session on a guest PC and lets you use many popular Windows applications from a portable hard drive or iPod, sort of an industrial-strength version of Ceedo or U3. I wrote about MojoPac a bit in a post back in March. It is a very nice solution to a problem that few people have:

The promise is you can take your digital life with you, leeching off host PCs wherever they may be available. The challenge is that they’re often not. Many public PCs, for example, are secured (like business PCs) so as not to allow MojoPac to run, but the software could be useful if you have regular access to a semi-secure environment and want to easily switch between digital work and digital life without jeopardizing the configuration for the former.

 In fairness, there are a number of other applications for the software other than the context I presented. In any case, the barriers to adoption have been been significantly lowered as RingCube has anounced MojoPac Freedom, a free version of the program supported by opt-in e-mail. RingCube says that, as for now, MojoPac Freedom and the $50 version of the software will have the same features, although some future enhancements may be reserved for the version that costs money rather than attention.

This move may serve as a proactive tactic against the U3 successor coming from SanDisk and Microsoft.