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iMac: a value leader?

In looking at the Gateway One, CNet comes away saying the iMac is a better value based on the specs. For $150 less, you get a a faster Core 2 Duo processor (2.4 GHz vs. 2 GHz), higher resolution screen and Bluetooth as well as an integrated Webcam (although I don’t think it’s too fair to ding the Gateway One for its “easily lost” removable one). Gateway, however, ships with 50 percent more RAM (although the iMac RAM has a faster clock speed), a bigger hard drive, and comes bundled with an external ATSC/NTSC tuner. Then there are the other variables. For example, if you really want to run Vista on an iMac, that will cost you.

On the hardware side, though, Gateway has done an impressive job with the power brick for minimizing desktop clutter. I expect to see a lot of these boxes on reception desks. And, simply from the pictures, I think I like the look of the One better than the new iMac, but I hope to get a better look at it today at DigitalLife.