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HP to offer photo key chain with multiple functions (but no fax)

IMG_0079I first wrote about photo key chains back in June 2005 and, since then, Tao and other companies have moved to bigger and in some cases OLED screens that have helped with their poor image quality but mostly they have just come down in price. So, what’s a nice brand like HP doing in a cheesy product like this? Trying to differentiate, of course. Or I suppose after coming down to (but doing a very nice job with) the 3.5” screen size there wasn’t much smaller to go.

First, the keychain has a fold-out USB connector so no more worry about losing the cable. In addition to showing your tiny slice of that which you hold digitally dear, it can display the time and date and read microSD and M2 memory cards, which is its best feature. The most questionable feature is that it can be used to charge certain models of cell phones, but only when it is hooked up to a PC. Still the UI on this thing is one of the best I’ve seen to damn it with faint praise. It should be available later this year at about $25.


  1. DaveZatz DaveZatz March 8, 2009

    My phone(s) make fine portable photo displays. 😉

  2. Ross Rubin Ross Rubin March 8, 2009

    HP has a couple of those they’ll be happy (happier, in fact) to sell you as well.

  3. RC RC April 7, 2009

    Not a bad idea. I can’t remember how many times I had to look everywhere for my microSD converter to get photos out of my cell phone. On the other hand, I have my laptop with me more often than the charger when my phone is battery-low. The photo display though I can probably do without.

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