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Delkin’s Fat Gecko sticks to a car hood (and slower surfaces)

imageHere’s the problem. You’re sitting in an audience and want to shoot basic steady unattended video of the performance. Tripods take up too much room and monopods beg to be held like a newborn. A GorillaPod may be able to get the job done if the seat in front of you is empty, but it often is not.

Perhaps Delkin’s Fat Gecko can come to the rescue. The mounting device is secure enough to stick to a roving ATV or car on a highway, so the back of a stationery auditorium seat should be no problem if it can be set to peek through the gap between the people in front of you. Delkin will provide a choice of parts for the Fat Gecko that allow it to extend different lengths.

Here’s a little in-joke bonus for typography geeks — the font used on the Fat Gecko’s product page is reminiscent of that of a certain car insurance company that also has an association with a gecko (albeit one hat appears quite fit, being a TV star and all). Mounting a Fat Gecko on your ride, though, won’t save you 15 percent or more on your car insurance or give you a cockney accent.