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Galaxy Mega narrows the last phablet gap

Last updated on July 23, 2020

Since the launch of the first Galaxy Tab, products marketed as tablets have been at the 7″ floor, with some Windows tablets going to 11″ and beyond sizes. Meanwhile, phone sizes have progressively broken larger and larger barriers, ¬†With Samsung’s announcement of the 6.3″ Galaxy Mega, the big-screen phone pioneer leapfrogs Huawei’s 6.1″ phone announcement at CES to reclaim the ergonomic threshold crown at 6.3″. This narrows the gap between phone and tablet to a mere 0.7″, with nothing inhabiting the 6.5″ to sub-7″ range. However, Samsung leads in representing the range, having debuted entries at 5.3″ 5.5″, 5.8″, 5.8″, 6.3″, 7″, 7.7″, 8″, 8.9″ and 10.1″.

Kobo recently released an e-reader at 6.8″ and it would be nice to see a tablet dip under that range for a slightly less product for a breast pocket.