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AT&T’s water cooler video chat

Last updated on April 8, 2013

There were many promising and intriguing technology projects that AT&T showed off at a Labs event last week. One of the ones that caught my eye was called Ambient Communications (not that kind of ambient). Sort of a hybrid between surveillance (without the negative connotation) and video chat, the system offers a screen of cameras placed around a workplace. A remote worker can check in to see what kind of groupings are forming in a work area. and jump into a video chat with the people there. One question I had was what if the coffee klatch is gossiping about the remote worker! (There are some basic privacy controls.)

It might not be enough to stop the crusade against telecommuting at Yahoo! But it seems like a good potential way to extend the value of videoconferencing beyond desks and allow teleworkers to participate more in the kind of spontaneous discussions that can boost — and inhibit — productivity as a part of office culture.