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HP’s base intentions

Last updated on July 23, 2020

HP has announced the Spectre One. The all-in-one desktop adds to its new Spectre family that now represents the uppermost echelon of its consumer product line, thus displacing the Envy line, which in turn had replaced such HP brands as Voodoo and Blackbird. What’s different this time? As HP explains it, Envy tried to do too much, straddling performance and design. Now, Envy will focus more on performance whereas Spectre will be the ultimate design expression.

Indeed, the Spectre One may be HP’s best representation of that in the Sepctre line so far. Whereas other PC vendors have taken to largely mimicking the iMac slab, HP has put the electronics in the curved part of the pedestal (No, the motherboard is not curved. It’s just small). This allows the display itself to be thin, a design element embodied in the “Luxo” iMac G4 although that design had the motherboard at the bottom of the computer’s base.

More recently, Vizio has also put the motherboard in the platform base of its first all-in-one desktop PCs. And, like HP, it ships with a similar Bluetooth keyboard and supersized trackpad. True to its TV heritage, though, Vizio, however, has also included a remote control whereas HP has kept a mouse in the box. But don’t label HP as too traditional. It also has included a Windows 8-ready NFC contact point in the base.

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