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Zune zigs, Zen zags

z600.jpgNo sooner does the Zune promise to marginalize Creative’s Zen Vision: M than the company finally appears to bring together some of its core assets from audio processing to its Cambridge Soundworks speaker group to support its flagship hard drive-based player.

The piano-black speakers on the X-Fi Sound System Z600 remind me a bit of the Z-10s that were recently released by Logitech, but the $400 system includes a subwoofer and the Creative’s X-Fi “sound restoration” technology that has been favorably reviewed. The system may be a bit pricey, and the most successful iPod docks from Bose, Apple, Altec Lansing and Logitech ┬áhave all had integrated speakers, but accessory support will go much further toward helping the Zen Vision than disparaging Microsoft would.

From Fareastgizmos via Engadget