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Where the iPhone turns a blind i

Now that the first reviews of the iPhone are hitting, we’re finding what Apple omitted from its first full foray into the cell phone business. 3G speeds are a no-brainer. We’ve known the iPhone would have only EDGE since January, but it’s unfortunate that Apple hasn’t been able to match the rich online functionality of Safari and its YouTube client with 3G although I’m sure that will come in time.

Other omissions may be more intentional– the snubbing of Flash, and Bluetooth’s A2DP or stereo profile. Again, the latter is an unfortunate hole for such a media-centric handset; one of the coolest tricks of other media phones is the ability to pause music to take a phone call. The iPhone supports this over its slick corded headphones, but not over stereo Bluetooth headphones. While I haven’t seen it confirmed yet, DUN probably isn’t supported, either.

Not supporting IM could be a snub against AOL or (less likely) an issue with AT&T, although you’d think Apple would want to support either Yahoo’s or Google’s IM networks. Apple could also be trying to protect AT&T’s SMS revenue, although there are ways to build hooks into cell phone IM clients these days to track individual IMs as “text messages.” This can actually serve as a powerful incentive to upgrade one’s text messaging package.