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When Boot Camp gets the boot

Last updated on July 23, 2020

Apple today announced the availability of Boot Camp on October 26th and will support the release with a multi-faceted marketing campaign stretching across at least print, the Web and of course its own stores. I wouldn’t be surprised if John Hodgman and “the other guy” reprise their roles in the long-running “Get a Mac” series of TV commercials as well.

One question I’d received from reporters is what happens to Boot Camp under Tiger, which is officially a beta. The straight scoop is that Macs configured with Boot Camp will continue to dual-boot and Windows partitions will remain intact. However, Boot Camp itself will expire at some point, after which the configurability, such as the ability to add new volumes, will no longer be available. This isn’t as ideal as continuing to support Boot Camp under Tiger, but overall is a pretty good compromise.

Now that Boot Camp will be release software, it will be interesting to see to what extent Microsoft will support Mac hardware. Until now, the official company line has been that Boot Camp was beta software and that it would have more to say once it was released.