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Watch out, SMS!

There is an alternative way to send short bits of text between mobile phones! Oh, technology, thou art a fickle muse. I think I will start one of these companies and create a product called, “I Seek You.” Yes, something like that, but catchier. Maybe there’s some way to shorten it.

Actually, this article doesn’t even come close to describing the real threat du jour. As Facebook becomes the growing Web within a Web, this community is going to hit the mobile world like a freight train with more people on it than the carriers themselves have. It is developing more leverage than AOL ever had during its heyday. AOL was a jail; Facebook is the Hotel California.

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  1. David Ellis David Ellis November 21, 2007

    Interesting perspective-most carriers still pull revenue on the back side in one form or another and always will….in order to read the message many carriers charge for opening a text. I may be in- correct-I can say for certain any prepaid phone brands/services operate in this fashion (wise).

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