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Vocal Ostentatious Concierge Experiment

To all the not-rich-enough-to-have-a-personal-assistant spendthrifts, I ask this: are personal concierge services a bad idea or is just trying to scale them a bad idea? I remember when a previous incarnation of tried creating one online and now VOCE is asking $500 up front to participate in a wireless one.

It’s one thing if, say, you’re a Centurion card holder and want to use AmEx’s muscle to help you track down a Wii. But, it seems to me that as Internet access on phones gets better, most of the reference end of this kind of service won’t be as important. What would have value to me would be someone trustworthy to help with errands (a higher end version of the concept behind the possibly returning or someone to whom I could delegate complex tasks like, oh, a personal assistant.

VOCE’s home page shows a pearl in a PEBL. Can I also order a pebble in a Pearl?

From BoingBoing via Gizmodo.

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  1. Judy Dean Judy Dean April 25, 2007

    Personal concierge service is more cost effective than a personal
    assistant… benefits, no workmens comp, pay for service when used. We are a growing industry. It is my opinion that doiing businesses locally is a good idea. There are several sources for
    locating a “live” person to help you or family members. Time is money……and, more.

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