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Verizon may hack Lumia 820 price, features

Last updated on July 23, 2020

You get the feeling that Verizon is still not really feeling the Windows Phone love. Perhaps it dates back to its chilly experience with the Blackberry Storm as the last remnant of a real push by an Android competitor prior to making its big Droid push and finally getting the iPhone. We’ve seen T-Mobile push out the $49 price point before. On one hand, Verizon has a much larger customer base (and would even post-merger with MetroPCS). On the other hand, T-Mobile doesn’t have the iPhone, so alternative platforms don’t have to contend directly with a major competitor there.

In any case, in addition to Verizon passing on the Lumia 920, it seems to be passing on some of Nokia’s ideas for the Lumia 820 as well.most notably the interchangeable backs and the wireless charging that one of them enables. That’s a key differentiator not only from other handsets but also from the HTC 8x and 8s. Verizon had been one of the few major carriers stocking wireless charging battery covers in the past, but it may be moving away from that, at least for now.