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ThinkGeek April Fools’ store spans pop culture, popsicles

Last updated on April 22, 2014

As usual, the gang at ThinkGeek did a great job with this year’s selection of mock geek products (although nothing as brilliant as last year’s iCade). The retailer seemed to know it had a winner with the Playmobil Apple Store Play Set, for which it made its own Apple product introduction parody video showcasing the “optional line pack” that depicts the iconic Playmobil people waiting in line for the hot new iDevice..

But if I had to pick the product most likely to actual become available for sale, it would have to be the Star Wars Lightsaber popsicles. The price tag of $35 may be a bit high for four molds, but ThinkGeek is already wise to the fees required to create a Lucasfilm-licensed product.