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Things with moving parts

product imageA couple of nifty and decidedly analog gadgets showed up in the blogosphere recently. CrunchGear covers DiscEraser, which scars a CD or DVD surface so that it is unreadable by a drive. This should come in handy for the childless who needs to destroy discs. I probaby wouldn’t use it for NSA materials, but it should be good enough for most casual personal information. As CrunchGear notes, it’s small enough to fit in a desk drawer and results in no plastic shards, which is a good thing. It’s $13 and comes in a variety of pretty pastels colors ideal for dishing out is disc-destroying damage.

Over the weekend Gizmodo featured the Grip Bag Holder to help carry multiple plastic grocery bags. I can see its use but for neighborhood grocery shopping I recommend the Hook ‘n’ Go (pictured) offered by Hammacher Schlemmer for carrying up to eight bags without crushing the eggs.