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The wait for the wake

One of my pet fascinations over the past few years has been wondering why there are no “real” MP3 alarm clocks. With portable MP3 CD players available for about $25, you’d think that some company would offer such capability in a clock radio but, alas, such a product is difficult to find below the prices of expensive and bulky table radios. Besides, we don’t need half a gig’s worth of digital music in our alarm clocks anyway, much less iPod docks. Playlist support would be nice, though; geeks culd create sleep and wake mixes.

Philips almost got it right with the Shoqbox but it just wasn’t a great alarm clock and wasn’t priced like one, either, and the same applies to the iRiver Clix Cradle. Well, Americans may not be able to get something small with a decent snooze features, but it looks like our UK brethren can. The aptly named MP3 alarm clock has a simple smart design and even boasts an SD slot for about $60. How does it sound? Who cares?  The sleepy U.S. clock radio market — which now feebly markets aux in jacks as “MP3 line in” — could use such a product.