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The Verge on Nikon’s Android-equipped Coolpix S800c

Last updated on July 23, 2020

David Pierce:

Nikon’s also one of the few companies that can bring a feature to the photography mainstream by sheer force of will

I can’t think of an example of this beyond Ashton Kutcher commercials.

[S]low is one thing on a phone, but it’s far worse on a camera. Your camera needs to take a shot as soon as you want it to — every miilisecond of lag is a perfect shot you didn’t get. So the fact that the S800c won’t even launch the camera app from anywhere but the home screen (pressing the shutter release does nothing otherwise) is a huge problem.

Pierce pins the camera’s sluggishness on Gingerbread versus Android in general. I used a fair number of Gingerbread phones and don’t remember them being that much slower than Honeycomb or Ice Cream Sandwich. Rather, Nikon likely just put an underpowered processor or other substandard spec in there.

At least it’s not available in eye-searing.