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The Sakar Caption Cam: Take that, cameraphones!

IMG_0080There were a number of interesting novelty digital cameras being shown at the Sakar booth at PMA for its Digital Concepts brand, including one that could place backgrounds of different cities behind people. My favorite, though, was the Caption Cam. Clearly inspired by the look of the Sidekick, the Caption Cam includes a mobile phone-like keypad. However, you’ll find no T9 embedded into this product. There are simply 150 canned captions from which to choose.

The toy-like product struck me as a bit of turnabout for a category that is seeing each of its tricks, such as high resolution, autofucus, image stabilization and so forth, rapidly integrated into into cameraphones. “If phones can do a terrible job of taking photos, we can do a terrible job of using a keypad for text entry.” Best served cold is this dish of revenge.