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The iPhone may rise as others don’t sync

Last updated on July 23, 2020

Om Malik’s post on GigaOm that improved Mac media management software for Nokia’s N-series of “multimedia computers” — the kind you use to talk to other people with cellphones — will soon appear reminds me of a concern I have regarding Mac users of other smartphones in the fast-approaching post-iPhone world. In its early days, iTunes synced to several different brands of MP3 players, including those from Rio. That support waned precipitously following the release of the iPod.

Now Apple has a built-in synchronization architecture in Tiger and the architecture is open to lots of different cell phones. Will that also shut down and become closed after Apple releases the iPhone? I wonder what Brian Hall of Mark/Space — purveyors of software that connect the Mac to mobile devices never intended for it — has to say about it. I remember Brian from the days when the company did alpha paging software!