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SugarSync sweetens the deal with version 2.0

There are many shared drive alternatives out there from startups with momentum (Dropbox, Box) to operating system players (SkyDrive, Google Drive) to little-known but competent competitors (HiDrive). But SugarSync takes a different approach, preparing us for the day when storage and bandwidth will be affordable enough to have virtually everything we create in the cloud (or at least, that which we need to readily access).

The new version of the service’s PC and Mac-based software, takes a streamlined user interface and search across multiple PCs as well as an activity log so you can confirm what’s been synced. Another useful new addition seems like an obvious one, a “do not sync” preference when working on computers with limited storage or perhaps used over a stingy cellular connection. A forthcoming Android app also provides the flexibility to sync photos in the background, something that Apple limits to iCloud today.

It would be handy if SugarSync’s search could find documents on PCs even if they’ve been excluded from sync. Then, assuming the PC was online, it could be retrieved remotely a la AcerCloud. SugarSync says it considered adding the feature but held off for now due to privacy concerns. However, it may eventually get added as a preference.