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Staples won’t unlock as many lockers for Amazon

Last updated on November 7, 2012

Apple has them; Microsoft is building them. Despite all the advantages of online pure plays, a physical presence in the real world has its advantages. Amazon’s partnership with 7-Eleven took advantage of the latter’s broad reach (8,000+ locations in the U.S. alone) and the almost completely noncompetitive relationship between the two retailers (despite the occasional accusation that a taquito tastes like it’s been in a box for a couple of days). It’s now expanding that presence with Staples, which has a much smaller number of locations (fewer than 1.600 in the U.S., where more than three fourths of its stores are based). And Amazon sells just about everything you can find within a Staples store.

Indeed, it’s easier to see what Staples gets out of the deal. Those looking to pick up their Amazon purchase might remember that they need to pick up some printer paper or ink. At least Amazon gets to give consumers an option at which to pick up their wares in an environment that may be a bit less chaotic than one swirling with Slurpee-seekers.