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Speed bumps in binging on This American Life

I’ve been on the hunt for more audio content lately so I picked up the This American Life Android app, which enables easy access to every episode — 500+ hours — of the public radio programming ┬ádating back to 1995. (In the second episode, a new color Macintosh portable is referenced.) Assuming you like the show, it’s a great value — less than 3/5 of a cent per episode and dropping as new ones become available.

The app can automatically download the latest episode of the show, which makes sense for those current with the program, but otherwise limits you to one other downloaded episode. This isn’t a great option for those new to the show and listening to the episodes in chronological order. (Speaking of which, an episode sorting feature would be nice.)

Admittedly, it might be impractical to download the entire library, but one episode isn’t enough to cover some commutes, much less many short flights. I can’t imagine what technical limitation there might be to enabling one to download, say, three to five episodes at a time. Hopefully, the developers aren’t thinking about saving this feature for some in-app purchase.