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Samsung Q1 microsite marketing

Samsung's Q1 microsite marks the first time that the rubber has hit the road in terms of UMPC marketing — no vague concept videos here. On a macro level, the phrase "digital freedom" has a solid ring. The site does the best job to date of articulating the form factor's benefits including functionality such as "instant entertainment" (being able to watch videos and photos without having to boot XP) and a microphone that should enable VoIP with appropriate Wi-Fi availability.

On the other hand, "convergence" as a marketing term doesn't represent real benefit to consumers per se and the demonstration of the Q1's ability to switch orientations to accept notes like a Tablet PC features the drawing of a funny face. That doesn't make a strong case for plunking down $1100 and may be the most blatant demonstration of frivolous technology functionality since the tongue-in-cheek Saturday Night Live Macintosh Post-It Note parody.