Ryan’s million-word march

I extend a hearty congratulations to my friend and editor Ryan Block on passing the 5,000-post mark and, perhaps more incredibly, the million-word mark blogging for Engadget. Jeremy Toeman totally shows me I’m not his BFF by letting Dave Zatz but not me contribute to what may be the closest thing to This Is Your Life in a blog post honoring the achievement, noting that he’s only written about 290 in the same amount of time. Cheer up, Jeremy. They go a lot slower when they’re multimedia extravaganzas.

Peter Rojas brought me to Engadget in its first year and Ryan has been one of the key reasons writing for the site has been such a delight. He is a “writer’s editor” who always provides the highest levels of support and stands for the highest standards of professionalism and one of the finest people with whom I’ve ever had the pleasure of working. Anyone I meet who knows Ryan loves him, even his robot clone from the future that’s been sent back in time to kill him. Oooh, sorry Ryan, guess I should have told you about that earlier. My bad.

In preparing this week’s Switched On column on Soda Club, I had a blast collaborating with him on the text in the lead graphic, which parodies the nearly subliminal warning on the Fight Club DVD. Thanks, Ryan.

Speaking of Switched On, I should note the column will be moving to Monday starting next week.

4 Responses to Ryan’s million-word march

  1. Sorry Ross, send me your AIM buddy info and I’ll hit you up when Ryan gets to 2 million. 🙂

  2. Ryan Block says:

    Thanks, and right back at ya! Your ceaseless wit and drive have really held our long-form features together. Switched On has become a pivotal contribution to Engadget, so the pleasure’s really all mine!

  3. David Smith says:


    Good story on the Soda Club, but you left out the most crazy aspect of the Club… the crazy in-box license agreement that says you won’t try to refill the bottles on your own.

    Those that sign up on line would know about this generally, but those that receive the kit like I did through a retailer, would have no idea. It’s the same as a shrink-wrap license, and isn’t in effect.

    The post-script here is that the fitting for the bottle is a bit weird, purposely to avoid customer refilling; ostensibly to protect the user from old bottles that aren’t regularly pressure tested, but also to claim $18 +$20 shipping for approximately $2 in carbon dioxide.

    Check out the ‘total cost’ of Soda Club and you’ll find that the bottle cost including shipping is fairly high. I’m going to try to locate a fitting allowing me to refill my bottles as if it were a fire extenguisher, and see if I can get a lower price.

    Good luck, and thanks for all the nice columns.

  4. Doug Bell says:

    Yea, check out this story Ross: this guy figured out all the secrets to refilling the proprietary bottles: http://soadahclub.vox.com/