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Price crEEEp

Engadget points to another preview of the Asus EEE, which notes in its conclusion:

Asus had initially said that the Eee PC would start at $199, but they’re thinking now is more like $250 for the 8GB flash drive version

It looks like those who have said the $199 price was too good to be true may be vindicated. The otherwise positive preview also dings the EEE for a cramped keyboard.


  1. Mark Davis Mark Davis July 15, 2007

    the 199 price was for 2/4gb dependign on the report and 299 for 8gb. this is a fair price. infact you can look at it as lowering the price.

  2. Ross Rubin Ross Rubin July 15, 2007

    We’ll have to see what configurations are ultimately offered, but I question the need for doubling the internal flash memory assuming that 4 GB will hold all the applications that they want. SD cards and USB drives would allow consumers to vary the storage they want for documents and Asus would be giving up a big PR (and possibly sales) opportunity in offering the product for $199.

    Now, $299 for a 10″ screen would be a much better value than simply expanding the flash memory.

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