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Phone 3G will go head-to-head with rivals at Best Buy Mobile

The AP is reporting that Best Buy will become the first independent retailer to offer the iPhone 3G in the U.S. Carrying the iPhone is certainly a feather in the wireless cap of Best Buy, which has been rolling out its Best Buy Mobile stores and stores-within-a-store. Best Buy, of course, also has Apple-staffed sections within a store so it will be interesting to see where the iPhone will be merchandised (likely in both sections).

Best Buy is also in a great position to highlight some of the many iPhone-compatible accessories that would not be carried in an AT&T store and, of course, the retailer has a far larger footprint than Apple stores. However, it may mark the first time the iPhone has been put side by side with other handsets with large touchs creens from other carriers in the U.S.