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Out of the Box is in some good company

imageOnce again, Out of he Box has been named a top analyst blog by Technobabble 2.0. The site held up pretty well in the rankings considering that Jonny Bentwood now lists the top 400 analyst blogs, that there have been far more blogs launched since the last ranking, and that the ranking now takes a more liberal definition of what an “analyst” is. (And based on at least one spot check, may take a somewhat liberal definition of what a blog is as well.)

Out of the Box was ranked #125, exactly one ahead of DisplaySearch Blog, which captures the thoughtful output of my colleagues. I’m also represented elsewhere in the rankings. The NPD Group blog, to which I am a frequent contributor, came in at #108.

Congratulations to my colleagues at The NPD Group and DisplaySearch, and thanks to all Out of the Box readers, subscribers and fans.


  1. Sonya Ruzheva Sonya Ruzheva December 3, 2009

    Congratulations! I read your blogs regularly and find them valuable and insightful!

    • Ross Rubin Ross Rubin January 1, 2010

      Thank you, Sonya.

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