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On the new iPad commercial (iP-Ad?)

imageApple’s rolled out a new commercial for the iPad that begins by asking the question “What is iPad?” While the device may be positioned between a PC and a smartphone, the new ad is nothing like the lighthearted “Get a Mac” campaign or the task-focused iPhone ads. That’s not much of a surprise, though, as the iPad is more of a new category as opposed to the well-established PC and handset markets that Apple revolutionized.

The visuals and usage scenario depictions are effective; the narrator’s voice is more gruff and the music is harder-driving. The copy never directly answers the question of what the iPad is, but instead starts out with a number of its attributes. including the kinds of media it supports. Among those are “more books than you could read in a lifetime" which sounds like a challenging statement. (You never hear cable companies hear that they offer more shows than you could watch “in a lifetime” and they even carry a network called Lifetime). All in all, it extends the iPad’s original messaging around form and function while downplaying any definitions. This should play well to those who would appreciate the device, but doesn’t do much to push the fence-sitters. I expect we will see advertising more aimed at that that next wave as the iPad app library grows and diversifies from iPhone app offerings.