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Nokia’s renewed design impact

Last updated on July 23, 2020

How can you tell the Lumia 920 has made a big impression even before launch? Even though the HTC 8x looks quite different (and slimmer) than the new Nokia flagship, people accuse HTC of copying Nokia. This is particularly interesting since colors were a relatively small part of the 920’s proposition, the 8x has a slimmer appearance, and the lower-end 8s has an even more differentiated two-tome “dipped” design (that I prefer to the 8x’s). A senior HTC executive described the coincidence as “unfortunate.” The anti-Apple crowd has also accused Apple of copying Nokia with the new iPod nano even though it’s easy to make the case that that design is a hybrid of the rolled aluminum sides that Apple has been using (as opposed to the polycarbonate on Nokia’s 800, 900 and 920) on the nano for years and the front face of the iPod touch/iPhone.