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Nokia Music+ still a strong competitor

The subscription music space doesn’t seem to stray far from its state of equilibrium. Services such as Yahoo! Music and Napster 2.0 get absorbed into Rhapsody, or MOG disappears, and a comes on the scene keeping variations on the theme intact. Nokia Music has long been a particularly strong offering as a free service, providing a key part of the of Slacker Plus caching functionality for free.

Now Nokia is looking to monetize the offering with a $3,99 per month fee that brings unlimited skips, on-demand downloads and multi-screen access. It represents aggressive pricing for on-demand mobile access to tracks when compared to, say, Spotify or Rhapsody. Nokia will still likely keep the offering exclusive to Windows Phone and out of the hands of the Android infidels, but perhaps we’ll see elements of it migrate to iOS the way that the Nokia Here app has.