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No apparent game change for audio add-ons to 3DTV

At the Newbay 3DTV2010 event yesterday, I participated on a panel on consumer acceptance moderated by TWICE executive editor Greg Tarr. Among the interesting discussions turns that the panel took was regarding audio, and whether 3D changes the game. Certainly there is opportunity – there is always opportunity. But the line about retailers needing to step up their audio pitches is an old one, and certainly one of the many parallels between HD and 3D.

Panasonic SVP Bob Perry noted that while HDTV is really the only choice available in retailers, that is not the case in terms of your audio output choice. Indeed, the audio component attach rate is challenged in the living room and more so in bedrooms where the placement of multiple speakers is tricky. Furthermore, the positioning of the television may be less conducive to creating an immersive audio experience and consumers may be consuming different content in the living room as well.

Still, here’s an interesting contrast. When you buy a top-of-the-line digital SLR, it comes without the mediocre popup flash, assuming you’ll invest in a better external one. However, even top-of-the-line televisions still come with mediocre speakers.