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Navigating Sony’s GPS options

I’ve had a lot to say about mobile navigation this week. First came a presentation on the state of the market given to institutional investors. Also, my Engadget column this week focused on fusing portable video with GPS devices. Last year, I’d had discussions with one portable video device manufacturer planning to do just that, but it seems those plans haven’t yet come to fruition.

However, a reader pointed me to software for the TomTom Go that will enable it to function as a video player. Developing this should be pretty trivial as
TomTom’s portable navigation software and devices are based on Windows Mobile.

Of course, one reason many eyes are on this space is because of Sony’s entry with the Navu-U. The Navu-U a great product… for 2004. I haven’t found it particuarly easier to use than, say, a TomTom Go (although the text may be more legible) and the icons that lacked labels were, of course, confusing. Sony touts its front-firing speakers, but I’ve never heard anyone complain about GPS directions being hard to hear. Sony should follow through on concept designs that would add GPS to the PSP. UMD would make it easy to update maps and a simple USB connection could link the antenna.