My first column

My first column for ran today. This will be a monthly feature that is more focused on NPD’s data than some of my other writing. The first piece is on Black Friday, where I’ve laid out the three rough classifications of different kinds of Black Friday promotions — big ticket, high demand items such as flat-panel televisions and notebook PCs, more mature, mid-priced categories such as camcorders and digital cameras, and clearance products such as low-capacity MP3 players, flash drives and thumb drives. It’s been a while since I’ve written for a newspaper-style column so I’m going to have to get readjusted to subheads (which I like) and really short paragraphs.

The story is featured as one of the rotating leads in the Technology and Science section, but can’t, of course, compete with the main section story about a Brazilian mayor who is giving his constituents free Viagra.

Thanks for for moving ahead with this project and, again, Sarah Bogaty at NPD for making it happen.

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