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Mobile TV, hold the phone

I spoke with a reporter yesterday about the changes we’ve seen in television over the past few years. I described it as fundamentally a destructon of the integrated programming supply chain. We’ve gone from three major broadcasat networks to scores of cable and satellite networks, video games, Internet content, networked PC content, even user interfaces for things like DVD players. I touched on the advent of “cellivision” offerings like MediaFLO, but didn’t focus too much on the transport.

But that may be opening up as well. At CES, Samsung announced work on A-VSB (Advanced Vestigal Side Band), a broadcast technology that will deliver over-the-air channels to mobile devices, but which isn’t a cellular offering like FLO or DVB-H. Now its homeland rival LG is set to match Samsung’s awkward acronym-forming prowess. LG will take the stage at NAB to debut MPHT (Mobile Pedestrian Handheld Technology), an in-band broadcasting technology with what sounds like a similar application.

Looks like there may be salvation for the handheld television market yet. Vive la Watchman!