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MiiPC gets a double-memory configuration option

Last updated on July 23, 2020

What OUYA has been to game consoles, MiiPC has been to desktops — a small, inexpensive Android device that is looking to take on the giants of their industry with disruptive business models. MiiPC sprang from an established company whereas OUYA was forged from little more than an idea, but both benefitted from successful Kickstarter campaigns offering the boxes for $99 to early adopters (MiiPC’s final price hasn’t yet been set in stone.) However, with a week left to go in the campaign, MiiPC will be adding a double-memory option for $15 more, creating a fittingly minimalist CTO option.

MiiPC is squarely targeted at monitoring the Internet activity of kids from about age 7 to 14. (Nowadays, after that age, kids are migrating to smartphones and all parental monitoring bets are off in some cases). But this summer, the company will be unleashing its interns on the little underlit Android box, which should result in some fun Internet appliances.