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Mathematical mouse not greater than the sum of its parts

I was a fan of of the early Adesso keyboards that brought the original Microsoft “ergonomic” split-keyboard design to the Mac. Back then, the company had only a few products, but lately its gotten into all kinds of input devices, including the CyberPad A4, which uses ink capture technology that I’ve found works well on similar products.

So, I was curious to try its combo mouse and keypad, which looked similar to a product I’d read about in mid-’07. At least it looked less awkward if less functional than one full-on calculator alternative and more aesthetically inviting than another.

Unfortunately, this keypad-mouse was disappointing. Accommodating the keypad makes it huge and it didn’t move well on a glass surface. The keypad, while a little small, is fine. And the double-wide scroll wheel works OK, but it doesn’t tilt. Also, I’d like to see the cord cut, maybe with a Bluetooth version. All in all, it’s better to go with a separate keypad unless your laptop has only one USB port.